BOLOGNA, Italy – Representatives from the Union Basketteurs Europeéns (UBE) at- tended a meeting called by FIBA on October 5 to discuss issues arising from FIBA’s cal- endar proposal for the 2017-18 season. In attendance were UBE President, Alessandro Marzoli, from GIBA representing the Italian players and UBE Vice President, Alfonso Reyes, from ABP representing the Spanish players along with player and federation rep- resentatives from Greece, Russia, Germany, and Turkey.

UBE is grateful to FIBA for accepting the participation of player unions at the meeting. Wearing their country’s jersey is a dream for every player but they also have obligations to their clubs as employees that must be respected. The FIBA international windows put players in a very difficult position. UBE cannot accept that players must shoulder the burden of the dispute between FIBA and ECA, potentially putting their wellbeing and ca- reers in jeopardy.

The player representatives expressed their disappointment that they were not involved in the calendar decision process by either FIBA or Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA). UBE appreciates that FIBA indicated during the meeting that they will, in the future, in- clude player unions at an early stage when proposing changes that affect players and is looking forward to engaging with all stakeholders in a positive and proactive manner on the joint issues that are important to players.