Since last summer, UBE has been working methodically to develop a platform for Euroleague players to negotiate a collective agreement with the EL. UBE has the statutory competence to both negotiate an agreement at the European level and represent the EL players as a distinct group. It is up to the players, however, how they wish to use this capacity. To that end, UBE has taken a series of actions to set the stage for stable and professional discussions to take place: UBE representatives met with EL management twice this fall; EU funding to meet with and organize players was approved (through UNI Europa and EU Athletes); an invitation to begin discussions was sent to the EL; and a specific committee structure for EL players was established within UBE with outreach to players already begun. UBE is independent and has the competence to negotiate at the European level. Its members are determined that Euroleague players will chart their own course with the full support of national player unions.

UBE representatives will also continue to have dialogue with other stakeholders in European basketball including FIBA and ULEB in order to find a solution to the current crisis.