Alfonso Reyes Cabanàs President
Rafael Jofresa Prats Secretary General
Marc Alomà Suñol Lawyer
Andrés Jiménez Doping Departamnet


C/ PAU CLARIS, 162-164, 3º 5ª

Phone: 00 34 93 498 88 18
E-mail: baloncesto@abp.es
Website: www.abp.es

ABP is the only association of professional basketball players in Spain. It was founded in the spring of 1986, and the association has defended the players of the ACB league for over 20 years, by negotiation collective agreements within the sector, and representing players in all the institutions where decisions which may affect their interests, personal development and their professional careers.

ABP mission is to assure that the players rights are being protected at all times and maximize their opportunities inside and outside the court.



Alessandro Marzoli President
Mario Boni Vice President
Giacomo Galanda Rappresentante professionisti in consiglio federale

Amoroso Valerio, Casadei Daniele, De Nicolao Andrea, Fultz Robert Anthony, Infante Luca, Losi Jordan, Masciadri Raffaella, Portannese Marco, Soloperto Mattia


GIBA – Italian Basketball Players Association
Via Mezzofanti, 79

Phone: +39 051 6231086
Fax: +39 051 6237542
E-mail: giba@giba.it
Website: www.giba.it

GIBA was born on April the 5th, 1982 and stays for ‘ Giocatori Italiani Basket Associati’.

Its first President was a very famous Italian player: Renato Villalta.

In 1985 GIBA has a new Statute and it is recognized by FIP,  the Italian Basketball Federation.

In 1991 GIBA moves to a new office that is still its actual location in Bologna, Via Mezzofanti 79

In 1994 the A1 and A2 men leagues became professional championships and after several battles GIBA obtains the first Collective Agreement for basketball players.

Since 2012 GIBA has a new board with the lawyer Alessandro Marzoli as President and Mario Boni Vice President.  In the last years all male and female players, from national teams to lower series ones, are always involved in the decision making process. Giba works to improve labour conditions of all players, to develop educational programmes, dual and post career projects for athletes and to take care off all the subjects that affect basketball players lives.



Johan Passave-Ducteil Chairman
Jesse Delhomme Vice-Chairman
Antoine Eito Vice-Chairman
Moustafa Diallo General secretary

Thierry Pons Treasurer

Board members:
Xavier Corosine, Daviin Davis, Franck Leclerc, Pierric Poupet, Edouard Choquet, Jacques Alingue, Philippe Da Silva


5 Rue des Colonnes
75002 Paris

E-mail: contact@snbasket.com
Website: www.snbasket.com

  • The current situation in 2016: Serving the Players

In the 2015/2016 season, union participation reached an all time high, with an 88% membership rate among French basketball players in both the Pro A and Pro B leagues. This is representation that no longer warrants demonstration as work sites and projects are multiplying (Thierry Rupert, training of 1st aid players, retraining and partnership).

Currently, the SNB action is based on communication with the players and the development of new communication media intended for players. 

Link to the full SNB History



Nir Alon President

Shimon Amsalem, Uri Cohen Mintz

Barak Peleg, Ido Kojikaro, Tomer Steinhauer, Liad Suez Karni (female), Avi Sucar, Gat Megido, Matan Naor, Sharon Zeevi (female), Moshe Mizrachi, Omer Caspi


Website: www.ibpa.org.il

The Israel Basketball Players Association (IBPA) was established in 1989. IBPA is the sole representative of professional basketball players in Israel, vis-a-vis their clubs and the Israeli basketball federation. Although only Israeli players can be members of IBPA, in matters concerning shared interests of both Israeli and foreign players, the union acts on behalf of all players in Israeli clubs. Among others, IBPA represents all players during bankruptcy and liquidations procedures, and also in matters concerning ULEB’s regulations. IBPA strongly encourages all professional basketball players to contact us in any relevant matter.



Brian Savoy President
Steeve Louissaint Advisor
Marin Bavcevic Advisor
Philippe Sebbak Treasurer
Bessrat Temelso Secretary


Rue Louis-Favre 29
2000 Neuchâtel

Phone: +41 077 413 51 80
E-mail: office@sabp.ch
Website: sabp.ch

Founded in 2016, The SABP is a non-profit association created by the players, for the players of the masculine and feminine national leagues.

Its mission is to inform the players of their rights and obligations, to defend their interests, and to represent them with one voice in front of the actors of the basketball world.



Milivoje Trifunovski President
Andrej Maslinko
Andreja Atanasov
Andrej Cvetkoski
Bojan Serafimov
Bojan Krstevski
Damjan Robev
Filip Bakoch
Jane Petrovski
Goran Glavchev
Marko Simonovski
Stojan Gjurovski
Simona Delovska
Jovana Petrushevska




Phone: +38978221978
E-mail: igracikosarka@gmail.com

The Basketball Players Association of N. Macedonia (NMBPA) with more than 130 members is the only country’s organization that represents Macedonian basketball players. Established in 2014 this Association has a mission to ensure that the rights of the current and former basketball players are protected and serves as both support system for the players as well as a form of union to address their rights, goals and needs (pension, training and playing conditions, minimum wage, health benefits, etc.)

Basketball Players Association presents both current players assisting them in achieving their goals on the court, representing their needs providing them with support and counseling on the matters regarding their professional engagement in basketball, constantly advocating on their best interest. Additionally, the association serves the former basketball players helping them find their post-active-player engagement and helping their transition into their future career.

Additionally, the BPA promotes activities with children and youth towards promoting basketball as a sport, healthy habits and lifestyle.

This organization is a non-profit organization with its governing and executive body, holding assembly meetings on bi-annual basis. All members are basketball players and we represent a typical example of an organization that exists for and is run by the basketball players.